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Mica Tapes for Cable
Mica Tape Synthetic
Synthetic Mica Tape consist of high quality Synthetic mica paper bonded to reinforced materials of electrical glass cloth or Polyethylene film as the supporting fabric, impregnated with a selected high temperature resistant silicone resin.

Synthetic mica is a type of artificial materials which is not natural,we promise to use only 100% pure synthetic mica to keep it’s unique extreme temperature resistance properties. We assume that we will not mix the synthetic mica with lower quality natural mica for cost consideration. It renders synthetic mica tape the following characteristics:
· Extreme temperature resistance which is high than natural mica
· Excellent electrical insulation properties
· High flexibility suitable for high speed taping

Synthetic mica tape are generally applied directly cover conductors, with mica facing the copper to act the ultimate electrical insulation in event of unexpected fire.
Synthetic mica tape are solution for all essential and emergency systems when circuit integrity must be maintained during and after a fire. It is recommended solution for cable including:
· Submarine cables
· Marine cables
· Power cables
· Control cables
· Instrumentation cables
· Signaling cables

Technical Data


Synthetic mica tape with single side glass fabric

Type Unit 80S32G 100S32G 120S32G 140S32G
Thickness mm 0.10±0.015 0.11±0.015 0.125±0.015 0.14±0.015
Density g/m2 128±12 150±12 173±12 195±12
Mica Content g/m2 80±5 100±5 120±5 140±5
Glass Content g/m2 32±3 32±3 32±3 32±3
Bond content g/m2 16±4 18±4 21±4 23±4
Tensile strength N/cm >100 >100 >120 >120
Dielectric strength Kv/layer >1.0 >1.2 >1.4 >1.4

Commodity Synthetic mica tape with double sides glass backed Synthetic mica tape with glass and PE film backed
Type Unit 120S40GD 150S40GD 130S42GF 160S42GF
Thickness mm 0.14±0.02 0.16±0.02 0.14±0.02 0.16±0.02
Density g/m2 182±20 212±20 190±20 220±20
Mica Content g/m2 120±5 150±5 130±5 160±5
Film content g/m2 / / 20±3 20±3
Glass Content g/m2 40±6 40±6 22±3 22±3
Bond content g/m2 22±4 22±4 19±4 19±4
Tensile strength N/cm >130 >130 >120 >120
Dielectric strength Kv/layer >1.6 >2.0 >3.0 >3.0

Standard Supply
Standard width:   minimum 4mm
Standard length:  330M/pad,500M/pad,1000M/pad
As per required length & dimension for traverse wound spool
Standard core:    76mm ( 120mm optional)
Availability:       pads and traverse wound spools with customer’s required dimension

Moisture-proof PE film + cartons+ fumigation free cases
Acceptable customized packing according to customer’s requirements

Proper storage with temperature ≤40℃ and humidity ≥60% with original package.

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