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Mica Tapes for VPI
Class N Glass Cloth Mica Tape
Glass Cloth Backed Mica Tape(equivalent to Samicapor®T 366.88, POROBAND® SI 0790) consists of a mica paper impregnated with silicon resin and glass cloth as a carrier.
This Mica Tape has excellent flexibility, good taping properties, high thermal resistance, excellent physical and electrical properties after VPI treatment.

Silicone Glass Cloth Mica Tape is used for an end-winding insulation in high voltage machines of thermal rating class up to 200°C, for conductor and main insulation of rotor windings as well as for pole coils and connections in traction motors up to thermal rating class N.

Technical Data

Properties Unit GM562
Nominal Thickness mm 0.07 0.10 0.13
Thickness Tolerance mm ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02
Total Substance g/m2 90±10 155±12 200±15
Mica Content % ≥ 60 ≥ 70 ≥ 75
Glass Cloth g/m2 18±2 20±2 20±2
Binder Content % 12±4 8±2 9±3
Volatile Content % ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.0
Dielectric Strength MV/m ≥10 ≥10 ≥10
Tensile Strength N/cm ≥ 50 ≥ 60 ≥ 60

Supply Standard
Standard Length:  30m, 100m, 300m
Standard Width:   15mm, 20mm, 25mm
Pads Width:        8mm & upwards
Rolls Width:       Max. width 1000mm
Core  ID:         76mm plastic or paper

Notes:  Special thickness or combinations can be supplied according to customer.
Products can be supplied in master rolls or pads according to customer requests.

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